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If you have no idea how to approach a beautiful woman/man, if you get tongue-tied when you are in front of one or simply freeze up, you are at the right place. Yes, almost all of us have felt that way but it is not necessary that you stay like that. But

can dating books and ebooks really help change your life?

All men and, respectively, all women share much more similarities than many of us realize. You can go and test it out yourself – try one thing with many different people and you will be amazed by the similarity of their reactions. Dating and seduction gurus have done this for you and have (thankfully) shared their experience in numerous eBooks and guides.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel! Be smart! Learn from the experience of others and spare yourself the mistakes and the humiliation of defeat. The books reviewed here are all filled with great dating advice and real experience, just go and see which ones are for you, as each of them has it’s strengths and some are more advanced than the others.

We at OnlineDatingEbook.net try to help you in your quest by selecting the best dating books available and summarizing them for you – their content, their strengths, weaknesses and unique features. There are, as in everything else, poor written books with rubbish and untested advice in them and we will help you avoid that and get straight to meeting that hot chick/guy you’ve been secretly dreaming about.

Start right now by choosing an e-book title from the sections of the menu on the left where we’ve selected some of the best dating books there are.


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